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Unusual tricone bit type

Unusual tricone bit type

Drilling Fields
2019/04/25 17:29
Maintypesofrollerconebits: Singleconebit(zublinsimplexbit) Twoconerockbit Threeconerockbit Fourcuttercrossrollerbit Thesingle-conebithasonlyonecone,whichischaracterizedbythefactthattherotationspeedoft
Main types of roller cone bits:
Single cone bit (zublin simplex bit)
Two cone rockbit
Three cone rockbit
Four cutter cross roller bit
The single-cone bit has only one cone, which is characterized by the fact that the rotation speed of the cone is much lower than that of the drill, which is only 1/2-1/5 of the spindle speed, which can adapt to large speed changes. The cone of the single-cone bit can be made larger, so the bearing size is large and the life is long. The drill has a large sliding effect on the bottom of the well and thus has a large cutting action.
The advantage of the two-cone bit is that the nozzle is installed at a sufficient position, and the nozzle can be approached down to the bottom of the well to fully exert the hydraulic effect of the bit.
The four-cone bit has two cones that break the outer edge of the well, while the other two break the middle of the well, which is suitable for drilling soft to medium hard formations.
In oil drilling, the most widely used bit that can adapt to various formations is the roller bit, especially the tri-cone bit, which accounts for 80-95% of the total bit.