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11 5/8"IADC217 Milled Tooth Tricone Bit

Summary information
11 5/8"IADC217 Milled Tooth Tricone Bit
Affiliate classification


  Tricone Bits - 11 5/8''
Products Speification              
                                                    Cone Size   11 5/8"
                                               Bearing Type   Elastomer Sealed Bearing
                                                  Tooth Type    Steel /Milled
                                          Circulation  Type   Mud Fluid
                                      Thread Connection   6 5/8 Reg Pin
                                         Gauge Protection   Available
                                       Shirttail Protection   Available
Operating Parameters  
                                                  RPM (r/min)  150~60
                                                     WOB(KN)  103~280
                                                  Application Medium formation with high compressive
strength ,such as medium soft shale,medium
softlimestone,medium soft sandstone,
medium formation with harder and abrasive



Oil/Gas Well Drilling   .Water Well Drilling   .HDD(Trenchless)   .Foundation Piling
 Our Mission:
 Lower the cost of
 Who we are:
 To extract sources of energy underground.  
 To extract the water underground.
 To install pipelines underground with No-Dig. 
 To pile foundation for constructions.
 We are one of the people who makes above easier. 
 Let’s work together and enjoy this job.
A face-to-face meeting is welcomed in below exhibitions, including OTC , Bauma Germany/    China, No-Dig Shows, etc.
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