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6 1/4"(158.8mm) IADC537 TCI Tungsten Carbide Inserts Bits API Standard

6 1/4"(158.8mm) IADC537 TCI Tungsten Carbide Inserts Bits API Standard

Summary information
6 1/4 inches TCI Tricone Bit
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6 1/4"(158.8mm) IADC537  TCI Tungsten Carbide Inserts Bits API Standard

  Tricone Bits - 6 1/4''
Products Speification              
                                                    Cone Size   6 1/4"
                                               Bearing Type   Elastomer Sealed Bearing
                                                  Tooth Type    TCI
                                          Circulation Type   Mud Fluid
                                      Thread Connection   3 1/2 Reg Pin
                                         Gauge Protection   Available
                                       Shirttail Protection   Available
Operating Parameters  
                                                  RPM (r/min)   120~50
                                                      WOB(KN)   72~159
                                                   Application Medium formations,such as medium shale,
limestone, medium sandstone,medium
formation with harder and abrasive interbeds,etc.

6 1/4" Tricone Bits is a regular diameter for HDD pilot hole, this model has 3 lateral jet nozzles, the hydraulic performance is better than central jet hole in clearing rock chips especially in drilling sticky rocks.


Density and height of quality tungsten carbide inserts are optimized designed to reach the best ROP ( Rate of Penetration ), the bearing is sealed by Elastomer O-ring, and arms are armored by TC inserts.


Solidkey is an API certified factory of Tungsten Carbide Inserts Bits and PDC bits, please contact with us for more information.



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 Our Mission:
 Lower the cost of
 Who we are:
 To extract sources of energy underground.  
 To extract the water underground.
 To install pipelines underground with No-Dig. 
 To pile foundation for constructions.
 We are one of the people who makes above easier. 
 Let’s work together and enjoy this job.
A face-to-face meeting is welcomed in below exhibitions, including OTC , Bauma Germany/    China, No-Dig Shows, etc.
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