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C169 Foundation Roller Cones - Weld Type

Summary information
C169 Foundation Roller Cones - Weld Type
Affiliate classification

C169 Series Weld Type



Bearing Structure




Features of C169 Series



1 Journal sealed bearing with TCI protection on heel of cones
2 Bigger cone ,TCI covers full cones, longer working life
3 Shirttail hard enhanced by Tungsten Carbide
4 C169-537 adopts 17mm chisel TCI, C169-637 adopts 16mm conical-ball TCI
C169 series suits for drilling hard & very hard rock hardness more than 100MPa, bigger diameter TCInserts brings higher wear resistance and lower inserts breakage rate,it suits for bigger diameter core barrel







           Type C169-537                       Type C169-637

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